Removal vs Abandonment

Residential Oil Storage Tank Removal vs Oil Tank Abandonment

Leaving the tank in place, minimal excavation

The NJDEP and most towns allow tanks to be abandoned—filled in place. In this scenario, we drain and thoroughly clean your tank while leaving the tank in the ground. The tank is then filled in place with approved inert fill.

Pros: Abandonment of your tank is a more simple process. This may be a more appropriate method if the tank is located under expensive surface treatment.

Cons: Even though proper protocol was used in the process, there is a small possibility that hidden environmental issues may remain present. When you decide to sell your home, it will have to be addressed at that time. Most banks will not issue mortgages for homes that have underground oil tanks–even if they have been professionally abandoned.

Excavate the tank, remediate if needed

Russell W. Anderson, Inc. is a New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Certified Underground Storage Tank (UST) Contractor. There are also New Jersey Grants and Loans for Soil Remediation if your tank has leaked. Click these links above for more information or call Anderson to assist.

Oil Tank Removal: Most prefer to have the old underground tank removed…gone. So, if this is your choice, here is what we do. The old oil tank is emptied of product, thoroughly cleaned and entirely removed from the ground.

If there is a leak in your tank, Anderson will test the soil for you and our team will let you know your best path forward. Because the peace of mind you have of doing this right is important to all of us, agreed?

Pros: Any possible environmental issues are addressed and remedied. This provides peace of mind for the Owner and will make your home more “attractive” to a prospective Buyer.

Cons: Excavation of a larger area is required. Slightly higher cost than tank abandonment.

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For tight spaces and less destructive work around your home!

Unique to Northern New Jersey—the Anderson Mini-Excavator. This mini-excavator was designed to be strong yet lightweight, flexible yet able to get into tight spaces. Because when it comes to your property, we know how we leave the property is as important to you as removing, or abandoning, the tank. So, with that, Anderson is the only company that leaves the smallest footprint while getting into the most confined tight spaces on your property. Unique, compact/strong equipment, the ability to fit into tight spaces—Anderson is the company to call for your job.

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