Anderson Services -An underground oil storage tank being removed by Anderson Tank Co

Underground Storage Tank Removal 

The entire tank and related piping are removed from the ground. Removal of your underground oil storage tank from the perspective of a home buyer has become the method of preference.

Anderson Services -An Anderson Tank Co Employee testing soil

Soil Testing

Soil testing provides an analysis of the soil surrounding your tank and is a reflection of the integrity of the tank itself. Realtors, you, homebuyers– everyone wants peace of mind; soil testing provides it.

Anderson Services -Anderson Tank Co. performing soil remediation

Soil and Water Remediation 

Sometimes during the course of tank removal or tank abandonment, it is found that the tank has leaked. When this happens, our qualified staff at Anderson will present a thorough plan for ground or water remediation.

 Anderson Services -Anderson Tank Co. performing oil tank abandonment by filling the hole with cement

Abandoning Your Oil Tank

Abandoning your tank means leaving your Anderson clean tank underground. After your tank is cleaned and visually inspected, it is filled with inert material and remains in place (provided the tank has maintained it’s structural integrity).

Anderson Services -Water Remediation performed by Anderson Tank Co

Water Remediation

If it is found that the ground water has been contaminated, NJDEP regulations must be followed. Anderson is certified in these procedures. It is common for the homeowner’s insurance company to become involved if ground water is contaminated, whom Anderson will work with during this phase.

Anderson Services -Anderson Tank Co. employee installing an above ground oil tank

Above Ground Oil Tank Installations

Anderson is an authorized installer of ROTH Double Walled Oil Tanks. Made in the U.S.A., Roth Eco DWT Plus 3 tanks feature a 30-year warranty and provide ultimate safety and reliability. Anderson also installs other brands of quality tanks. For more information, visit the Roth USA website here.

Anderson Services -Oil Tank Testing being performed by an Anderson Tank Co employee using one of his tools

Oil Tank Testing

Tank testing is sometimes done for insurance purposes or prior to selling your home. Tank testing is done using an acoustic ultrasonic EZY 3 Locator Plus. The test is capable of detecting any leakage below or above the liquid level as well as all associated piping. You are provided a preliminary report report the same day and a written report within five business days.

Anderson Services -A yard that has been restored by Anderson Tank Co after oil tank removal

Complete Site Restoration 

We treat your property as if it were our own— with respect! When we complete a tank removal, the excavated area is backfilled to rough grade. We also offer our services to perform any additional restoration which may be requested, including: topsoil, sod, concrete walkway, asphalt, etc.

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